“I got myself into a mess that had cases from four years ago until now, like I said I said a real mess ! I was not only shocked but thankful for the deal he got me! I’ve heard some crazy stories about some lawyers not doing what they said they would do, Roland not only did what he said he would but more, besides the extremely awesome deal he got me but he saved me $10,000 in fines, including my freedom! I didn’t feel like just another client but that he took a personal interest in me, I felt like I had a million dollar lawyer that after the $10,000 he saved me, seemed like I didn’t spend much at all! I will always be in your debt, thank you so much, for what you did for me! I not only recommend but if you have him in your corner, feel lucky!”


DUI Defense Client

“1. Knowledgeable. Atty Roland knows the intricacies and nuances of my case, domestic violence. He is not Summa Cum Laude for nothing. He has the necessary education, expertise and knows the law and how the court works.

2. Experienced. With his experience and aggressiveness, he had my case dismissed like three days before my scheduled hearing. It was a welcome surprise and I thank God for working through my Attorney.

3. Accessible and Approachable. These are two traits that separate him from other Attorneys. He went to the extent of giving away his personal number and thus I could call him anytime I wanted to if I had some questions and needed some clarification. Hence, it lessened my anxiety level.

4. Fatherly and Friendly. With my case, domestic violence, I feared so much for my life that I might spend a year in jail. It gave me so much sleepless nights. But he was there to give me some comfort and gave me the assurance that everything would be all right. He was like a father to me comforting his own son. Also, he has this friendly demeanor. I did not feel he was my Attorney, but a friend willing to lend a helping hand.

5. Organized. He works with his staff that is methodical and systematic. Everything was calendared and promptly disseminated to me for my knowledge and information. I did not keep on guessing on what to do next. I highly recommend Atty. Roland X. Tiemann.

As an Attorney, he is simply the best, a lawyer par excellence. And as a person, he is people oriented, accommodating, engaging and super nice and friendly!”


Domestic Violence Client

“In 2010 I was bartending at a local bar in Carmichael and was working my usual Monday 'Happy Hour' shift. It was a busy afternoon and a young guy came in, sat at the bar and ordered a beer. I served him a beer and rang it up and as soon as I put his change on the bar two agents that had been sitting at the bar stood up and produced their badges and asked me to step out in back of the bar. They were agents of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and I was cited, interrogated and photographed and given a date to appear in Superior court. Never having been in this situation before and not really knowing what to do in terms of finding a good defense attorney, I opened up the Yellow Pages of the phone book and looked under DUI defense attorney's thinking that even if they couldn't help me at least maybe they could point me in the right direction. This was when I met and hired Roland Tieman. Upon speaking with Mr Tieman about my case I found him to be very knowledgeable and courteous as well as being sympathetic to my situation. Mr Tieman took it from there and after very shrewdly continuing my case for several months, was able to negotiate a deferred judgement for me in which I never had to make a plea and agreed to 6 weeks of unsupervised probation and one weekend of classes. After I completed the probationary period and the classes the charges against me were dropped with no adverse action whatsoever against the bar I worked in. Not ONE person that I talked to in or outside of the bar had ever heard of someone beating a charge of serving a minor. Mr Tieman literally did for me what nobody had heard of before through his patience and tactical legal maneuvering. Retaining Mr Tieman was the best money I ever spent and I continued to bartend for years after this incident. I cannot recommend his services enough and he is a testament to the value of his profession.”


Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Roland Tiemann is amazing! I got referenced out to him by another attorney for my DUI. I never had to go to court or even cone to the office but Mr. Tiemann was more than willing to spend as much time as I wanted talking things out. Mr. Tiemann constantly kept me informed and I never wondered what was going on with my case. At the end of the day he got my DUI down to a reckless driving and won my DMV hearing so nothing happened to my license. I will definelty by using this law office for any future needs. Thank you Mr. Tiemann!!!”


DMV Defense Client

“He did an excellent job representing me in court for my case. I went back to him and he was able to expunge my case three years after. The only wait time was the court, but he was on time on everything and completed everything for me without me having to step foot into the court room. I would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a lawyer! Thanks Roland!”


Expungement Client

“Roland's superior knowledge of law along with the court process helped us to achieve the best out come possible for our family. He is a very quick thinker. He is always available. He is compassionate. He pushed since the beginning for the best outcome for us. He spoke to us at length with great ideas and what we needed to get prepared before we even decided to hire an attorney. He is a very positive person and makes you feel comfortable while he's completely professional. I will always refer Roland to anyone if the opportunity presents it's self. THANK YOU ROLAND!”


Juvenile Defense Client

Getting a DUI is overwhelming. With all the attorneys competing for your business, it's hard to know who to choose. Without a doubt, Roland Tiemann was the right choice. He's an expert in DUI defense, down to earth, and really values his clients. He has a great team. They're all friendly and knowledgeable. Not once was I let hanging. He kept me out of court with strong representation and saved my job! You will not be disappointed. Thanks Mr. Tiemann and staff!!


DUI Defense Client

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